Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Website

Like my blog, my website has things from a lot of different topics.  But in my website is a section on music.  I have some links there to my annual music awards (last completed one is 2005, unfortunately), my favorite CCM albums of the 1980s, and my "Music Hall Of Fame," which lists some of my favorite musicians.  Until I get this blog going, the website should give you some idea as to what my musical tastes are.

Also, I am a member of of, which was started for fans of CCM magazine, then they killed the magazine (go figure).  Well, technically the magazine still exists, but it's online only now, and I don't like the online version at all.  The community was pretty decent when the magazine still existed because they tied the online content to the magazine.  Then they scrapped the MyCCM site and replaced it with a Ning platform; ever since, participation has not reached critical mass--there are only about 1000 members.

I never listen to the radio.  I rarely like anything mainstream enough to reach the radio airwaves. I have plenty of my own CDs to play, so I can always play something to fit my mood.  If I want new music, I use the web to find new stuff.

So anyway, that's a bit of random stuff about me and music.

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